Affordability, Convenience and Excellence is our goal.

Every pet owner mainly thinks about three things while choosing a Veterinarian for his pet:

1. Whether my pet will be in good hands and how is the facility?

Dr Tuthill, Dr Murphy grew up in your community/neighborhood and are taking care of pets for almost 30 years and have devoted their life to veterinary profession. Dr Jay with 19 years of experience has added a boost to this hospital and is always willing to go extra mile to take care of your pet. The hospital has latest state of the art equipments Digital X-Rays, highly sophisticated In house blood work machines (same company machines are used in NASA), Touch screen monitors etc.

2. Can I get appointment easily and how long is the wait time?

With extended long hours, we offer the convenience to our clients to come in after work and have their pet treated. We fully understand that not everyone can take time off work especially with the present economy. By opening our doors at 8.30am for drop off, appointment start at 9.30 am and closing at 8 pm, we can allow more clients to be seen and therefore reduce our costs. Walk in emergencies are always available during this time. There is almost no waiting time now as there are two doctors seeing the appointments at the same time.

3. Most important question- cost of services rendered?

We took note that major barrier preventing owners from getting appropriate care for their loving pets is the affordability. Unlike many other veterinary facilities, our veterinarians and support staff DO NOT work on commission. In the highest tradition of strict professional code and ethics, we provide your pet with compassion and care as a matter of duty. With high volume, we have managed to keep our prices really competitive. SO WE REQUEST YOU TO HELP US MAINTAIN THIS VOLUME SO THAT WE CAN HELP MANY PETS AS WE CAN.